[Actioned]Trade centre booths

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Supdoxes booth
In the rules trading must be done honestly having a sign saying cheap diamonds a frame with a diamond in it and a sign with omg diamonds for sale next to it.You click on the trade sign as always it sucks up your money but no diamond came out just a wooden slab this is not fair and a breach of the rules

Pluto (All regular survival worlds):

1. No griefing or stealing
2. No killing other players
3. No accepting favours/blocks/items from Donators
4. Shops and trading with other users must be done honestly
Re: [Under Investigation]Trade centre booths

Hi Toyoyta3000,

I am looking into this now, waiting for SupDoxx to come online so I can proceed with this report.


Re: [Under Investigation]Trade centre booths

lol Toyota got ripped off :p
Re: [Under Investigation]Trade centre booths

Hi There Toyota3000,

A very strict warning from 0zlw and myself has been mailed to SupDoxx. Your money will be returned to you when he logs on. You will soon receive a apology mail/msg from him in game regarding his actions.

Case Actioned;Thread locked
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