[Actioned]Pixelmon - Theft and claiming property

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Today I logged onto pixelmon, only to notice my entire base was unclaimed?

Now this was strange. Because last time I had been on pixelmon, I had everything claimed. And to back this theory up, I used /trust for Izaaklol12. And then I left the server for about a week.

I log on today to find that, it was all unclaimed, and the user jburger1, was claiming all of my things, and had stolen all of my rarities. I proceeded to ask the user to return these stolen goods, unclaim everything and leave. He did not listen, and said
"Its a fair game" "It was unclaimed"

I myself, believe that this claim thing was clearly some sort of bug that happened, seeing as the claims were already extremely buggy on pixelmon, but I do understand, that isn't it still against the rules to steal other peoples things? And straight up steal, a house?

That is all.
Re: Pixelmon - Theft and claiming property

To add on to this, Blackundertaker was part of this aswell.

They began to leave and said they would.

By leaving, they meant taking all their stuff, and EVERY SINGLE CHEST I OWNED ASWELL.
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