[Accepted]Punishment Appeal - xDill

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=== Ban Appeal===

---About You---

Username: xDill
Main server you play on: Survival / Skyblock

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: 06-04-15
Length of punishment: Permanent
Reason given in database: idiot xstaff

---Your Appeal---

Do you accept what you have done: I do accept it, yes.

Why do you think your punishment should be reduced: I believe that enough time has been done although what i did do may still be in the back of some people's minds. I do apologize deeply and wish for a second chance. I strongly believe that i have further matured and now strongly regret the stupidity that got me banned.

Additional details/comments: Thanks for listening to my 2nd appeal.
Re: Punishment Appeal - xDill

Hi There xDill,

Your appeal is being reviewed at this stage, and a definate answer will be given to you in the next 48 Hours.

Thread Under Review;
Hey xDill,

Under Admin consideration and seeing that its been 6 months since your ban, we are hoping you are a changed and an improved person who will contribute positively towards the community. Therefore we have decided to unban you from the network, on that basis.

See you on the server.

TheChosenOne on behalf of the Administration Team

Appeal Accepted; Thread Locked
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