[Accepted] Punishment Appeal - jaxbepic3107

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=== Lolnet Ban Appeal #2 ===

---About You---

Username: jaxbepic3107
Main server you play on: Discord

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: I think I was banned
Length of punishment: I don't know
Reason given in database: N/A

---Your Appeal---

Do you accept what you have done: Yes

Why do you think your punishment should be reduced:
Because I really enjoy using discord to chat and I promise that I will not troll or make any loud noises on discord anymore. I know that what I did was wrong and extremely annoying. If I do get unbanned I promise never to do it again.

Additional details/comments:
Thanks for reading and I hope you take my appeal into consideration.
-Jax :diamond:
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