[Accepted]My Ban Appeal

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=== Ban Appeal===

---About You---

Username: PixelShit
Main server you play on: lolnet.co.nz

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: Ban
Length of punishment: Permanent Ban
Reason given in database: Please Choose An Appropriate Username.

---Your Appeal---

Do you accept what you have done: I do.

Why do you think your punishment should be reduced:I didn't really think it was an inappropriate name until now. So I completely understand the boundaries and the limits of when entering the Lolnet server for minecraft as a player. I will not make this mistake again. So my name will be changed to DarkestPolygon.

Additional details/comments: For my PixelShit account, Am I able to log in as him and unclaim my blocks so when I register as DarkestPolygon I am able to access my hard earned blocks in PixelShit's chest. Once I have unclaimed all my blocks and logged off, you may pre-ban PixelShit so I don't end up logging in again. That way I can login as DarkestPolygon and get my stuff.
Re: My Ban Appeal

Come on in game as your new account, and ask for a player transfer from your banned account, and we can do that for you.

Checklist Of Items To Be Transfered:
1) All claims
2) Essentials Balance
3) LolCoins
4) Set Homes and/or Warps

Appeal Accepted; Thread Locked
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