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Hello, i would like to be unbanned. I have been IP banned because while a mate was at my house, he was using a cracked launcher, i did not know at the time, but he tried to use a name that used swear words in it, i was un aware of this, and when i tried to login on my account it would not let me because of the name that my friend had put in. We were in different rooms and i had no idea that he had done this, I'm extremely sorry that this has happened. I am not a bad guy, i play by the rules, and i am a respectable player. I assure you that this will never happen again. Thank you. :)
Re: MichaelSinton: IP banned.

Hey There Michael,

Since no ban information is found on your IP and username, I have unbanned your IP. However please make sure this does not happen again, as it just creates more work for staff. From next time you will be responsible for your IP and what happens on it. You are warned.

Appeal Accepted: Thread Locked
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