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I was banned for breaking rule 1.6. I understand why, but I think a permanent ban is unreasonable, I've spent like a thousand hours in game. So I am asking for a reduced penalty. I know I broke the rules, the world was becoming irrelevant to me because of the upcoming update, I guess this was a wake up call. That's fine if you don't though, I understand and I wish you all the best with the future community and I am sincerely sorry.
Re: MCPraize

Hi There MCPraize,

If you had co-operated with us, and admitted to using x-ray, instead of saying "lol whut", then your ban would had been temporary. However because you now recognise your actions, and have appealed for it. We have decided to reduce the ban to 2weeks, and you will be asked to pay a penalty to cover up the loses for the diamonds and ores you have mined using the hack.

Also it is recommended, not to try bypass the current ban as it would result in permanent IP and user ban from Lolnet Services.

Appeal Accepted; Thread Locked
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