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First sorry if this seems like spam i was in bed last night and I thought maybe I did try to hack ozlws account :(

Banned by:eek:zlw
expiry: never
reason: The Ban Hammer Has Spoken!
Date: 6th or 7th of Jan 2013
Rule I broke:No accessing the accounts of other users

Okay I was banned 5 months ago for hacking ozlws account (which I am still not 100% sure i did be good if you could send me logs from ____ so I can check if I actually did).
So I admit to trying to hack his account but I can prove I would not do it again. First of all I have learnt to be more mature over the last few months. Plus I have had much more minecraft experience and have not got banned off a single server since then. Also I am now using the premium launcher because I am now premium and that make it not possible to change my username.

Now my apologies to all staff and people I affected before and during my ban
ozlw: Sorry for my attempted hacking and all other things I have done
SuppDoxx: For greifing your monument before my ban but back then it was under my understanding that greifing was allowed in unprotected areas!
Titan _of_time:For wasting your time and making things hard generally
ziggybird: For getting banned and not being able to play with you :(
and anyone I missed sorry as well.

Next nothing compares to this minecraft server especially that it is a NZ server. The player base,admins,layout,custom plugins,worlds and rules just to name a few things
Before being banned I was always looking forward to getting home from school to play on this server but it has not been the same since I got banned

I can assure you that I will not break ANY rules again and would be honored to be allowed back on your server. If I get back on I could even invest some money into donating!

I am very mature now compared to when I got banned I have Improved my maths reading and handwriting
I am Hoping I get unbanned and I know this is a slim chance but I thought I should try.

I really regret my actions and think it was really out of anger but have my anger sorted out now and now get much less angry.
I will do whatever it takes to amend my actions and make it up to you guys, should you let me return to your server.

Again ozlw I understand you would have been disappointed that one of your server members tried to hack but I assure you now I have changed.

Cptinwin if you can pls add me on skype my name is mattie.oakly and email [email protected]
Please note I have not tried to bypass my ban to this date and nether have I tried to hack the server either. :D

Re: elmoinc Ban appeal (ip)

Ban has been lifted. If you step out of line ONCE you will be permanently banned again and we will deny any further ban appeals from you if you get banned again so please dont break any rules :) Seeing as it has been 5 months we are willing to give you a second chance, please dont disappoint us.
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