[Accepted]cpt_patchy ban appeal (IP)

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Current Ban
Expires in: Never
Banned by: Schnicks_NZ
Banned at: 19th April 2013 06:36:58 PM
Reason: destroying my old buymore b*tch
Rule I broke:
1. No griefing or stealing
- Destroying other peoples property, buildings, signs, houses, land, paths, farms, or anything that someone has built/created is not allowed and is considered griefing. This includes property or area that is unclaimed

I honestly don't expect you to lift my ban, as I understand what I did was REALLY horrible. I understand it would have taken you a really long time to build that, and I'm sorry for breaking it, I know how I would feel if someone broke into my creations on the server and broke them, and I'll bet they took a fraction of the time and effort to create compared to what you put into that buy more.

However with this post I wish to appeal my ban, and I understand how audacious of a move this is, and I understand the probability of success is near zero.
Since I was banned, I tried many other New Zealand MC servers, and shortly after came to realise that not a single minecraft server even comes close to lolnet's quality, as far as administration, player base, and general playability goes. I completely regret my actions, and fully understand the implications they have had. I will do whatever it takes to amend my actions and make it up to you guys, should you let me return to your server.

Again Schnicks I'm sorry, and I hope you can move forward and continue playing the game without encountering another crappy situation like the one I put you in.

I thought I should clarify, and let you know, although I am new to Minecraft (I joined in mid march and have played on the lolnet server for about 12 hours total), I am an experienced gamer and normally act maturely, and I again apologize that my lack of "thinking before I acted" had such negative consequences for you.

-Zeke, aka. Cpt_Patchy (a friends alias)
Hey There,

Reading your post, you have provided us with a valid reason to reconsider your ban. So therefore I'm going to be talking to SnrStaff about reconsidering this ban.

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