[Accepted]Banned for using hacks

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So i have been playing on lolnet for well over a year know, and someone called I'm_kuuz ( i think is his name) supplied a hack ( not the point, i thought i should tell you), i agreed to take the hack which was very silly of me i will admit i did use it. And so i did use the hack for a very silly reason for simply to not take fall damage and yes i can agree all this is a very stupid mistake and after all this i have been on this server for a year and a bit and i have helped build things FOR the server i have helped build an arena called Battlefield and other things. And i feel if i do get banned, i don't know what i would do honestly. I'm just asking for a chance for doing a very,very silly mistake. And i hope you accept this appeal. Thank you.
Re: Banned for using hacks

Hi there jexacute,

You were given a chance before when you were warned by OutbackTurtle. Secondly the PvP Arena you are talking about is not a server build, it is an arena, that me and the people who made it had in an agreement, which in simple words was "A free warp and pvp arena will be made if, I(TheChosenOne) am allowed to post it in warp station for other people to use". However since you admit to your stupidity and have a positive attitude...the max I can do is reduce your permanent ban to 3 weeks temp ban.

Appeal Accepted; Thread Locked

P.S Avoid bypassing the ban by coming on as another account, that will lead to your IP getting perm banned and this appeal becoming void, thus meaning your username also becomes perm banned.
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