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hi lolnet!

on the minecraft server, I was a ModAssisstant and someone banned me for swaring at the Admin 0zlw. I did not do that cause I wasn't even on at that time. even if you check logs you would belive me. I would never sware to 0zlw because he is my favourite admin on lolnet.
Re: Banned for no reason

Hi EricZ,

Your ban appeal has been accepted, but I would still like to state some points. Your accounts security is your responsibility, so try not to give password away. Also you were not a ModAssistant, as you do not meet the requirements to be one, and none of us recall you being one either. So its best not to lie in an appeal. Secondly, I hope you have learnt your lesson, and I expect to see a better behaviour from you.

Appeal Accepted; Thread Locked
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