[Accepted]Banned For Advertising And Spaming

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Banned By: james137737
Expiry: Never
Reason: Advertising And Spaming
Date: Some Time In Early March
Rule: No Advertising, No Spaming

Okay, so I was banned a little while back for advertising and spaming the server. What I did I though was wrong, I really like this server and would really be happy if I was considered the wright to be allowed to re-join the server and start over again.

If I am considered allowed back onto the server then I promise I will never spam or advertise again, now I know you have no right to believe me in saying this but I have become a man of my word.

Reasons why you should still read on and not just decline this right now -
One, It has been a long time and it has been just enough for me to think about what I did and why it was wrong and I have changed.
Second, I really like this server alot and would like to come back on again and would like to enjoy the server like I did in the old days.
Thirdly and finally, I came and wrote this under belief that this was ever going to work, yet still I pulled my self together to do it; now that shows courage.
Oh, one more thing to say, I have come to write this out of my own time to get back on this server after being banned. I did this because I liked lolnet so much that something was telling me that I should come back. Know this could just end up being a complete wast of time, but atleast I am proud that I made the effort of trying.

So please do consider my offer and I hope you choose right, I am sorry for what I did and will never do it again, thanks for taking your time to read this

Signed -elementals111-
Re: Banned For Advertising And Spaming

Elementals111 you have provided us with a valid reason and logic. Your appeal is accepted, please read the rules again on forums as they have been updated. You account will be unbanned. If you still can't login, please comment below with the ip.

Appeal Accepted; Thread Locked
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