[Accepted] Ban appeal

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=== Ban Appeal===

---About You---

Main server you play on:
Feed The Beast Infinity
---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued:Ban
Length of punishment:permanant Ban
Reason given in database:Grief

---Your Appeal---

Do you accept what you have done:Completely

Why do you think your punishment should be reduced:
I do agree punishment should be given due to grief being grief under any circumstance, but a Permanant ban for something like this should (in my opinion of course) be a temporary ban.
Additional details/comments: I play on Lolnet.co.nz daily, I'm a fairly friendly guy. I help out lots of people when I can and I really would like to stay part of the Lolnet community.


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From what I've seen, you do seem like a quite friendly guy, and this action of yours is quite unusual. I've had a talk with 2 other mods, and we've decided that we will accept your ban appeal.
Your permanent ban will be reduced to a one week temp ban, so you'll be able to come on in 7 days starting now.

Appeal Accepted; Thread Locked
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