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I am writing this ban appeal in concern of my current permanent ban from using a hacked client, giving me only the ability to fly. Although I certainly guilty of this and think that the punishment is deserved, I am sincerely apologetic of this crime. As I thoroughly explained in my previous ban appeal, this incident occurred while attempting to find a location for a faction base in 'WarWorld', with my brother. It would be great if you could unban my brother and I (DJbros) so that we would be back on the great lolnet server, and start again on the server, honestly and without a hacking client.

Thanks again, DaveTheDominator.

P.S I am still working on my Minecraft Server, and would gladly appreciate if I could get help from the forums, or in-game discussions.
Re: Ban Appeal


Both you and your brother had been using fly hack, which is a big deal...as you had way more access to things others don't. If only one of you had used it, I wouldn't hesitate to accept it, as we would have been unfair to your brother or you. The reason this appeal would have been denied, is because you would have gotten things from fly in WarWorld, and hidden it, and if we accept your appeal, you could use them, to give you an advantage in game.

However since you show promise and have taken your time to write the appeal. I will reduce your ban appeal to 7days starting from now.

Appeal Accepted; Thread Locked
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