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=== Ban Appeal===

---About You---

Username: Pandyandy
Main server you play on: lolnet

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: Temporary Ban
Length of punishment: 2015-09-24 20:37:17 - UNTIL - 2017-09-24 21:37:18
Reason given in database: Abusing Staff + Greifing

---Your Appeal---

Do you accept what you have done: Yes

Why do you think your punishment should be reduced: First of all i will address the greifing. What i understand to be greifing is destroying someones home or removing blocks people have built using fire explosions and all that etc etc. All i did was take an enchantment table from basically the middle of knowhere. It seemed clear that whoever had built it had long gone so i figured id grab it seeing as i don't have one. When i was confronted by the mod i was genuinly confused to start off with and then when i tried to explain myself he/she kept counting down. I was frustrated at the prospect of being band for something i considered trivival. Anyway i apologise for using a swear word as i understand the severs rules but all it was was a swear word and im not allowed to go on for three years? I feel as though this is very unfair and severe as i have put a significant amount of time into building my home and collecting resources.
Additional details/comments:
Re: Ban Appeal - Pandyandy

Hi There PandyAndy,

First things first. Lets get our facts straight. The countdown was initiated when you kept on mining/running/jumping around, and refused to reply to me in game chat/in game message and my signs that I placed down (incase you had chat hidden). Then when you did reply, you replied "no" to everyone, all 6 questions I asked you. You even replied "no" when I asked you what your no is meant to mean. That was clearly you trying to act as a smartass and not confused.

Secondly, your ban was not even going to take place if you hadnt lied to staff. But you decided to go down that path, and what happened there, happened. Your punishment for that was going to be as small as 2 days. However you had to accerlate things further by saying "If you ban me mother f****r". That right there buddy, got you your permenant ban that you are sitting on right now.

I am not going to tolerate you breaching multiple amount of server rules in a short period of time. And that does include you creating a scene/argument and swearing(yes again) at a user who you had asked for help, regarding a nether portal. While we are at it, let me remind you, that you did decide to be racist towards Kiwis and New Zealand as well, on top of all other things you breached.

Now, lastly, I would like to give you another chance to ammend your appeal, or fix it if you would like. If not, then your appeal by default will be toned down to a 1 month 3 days temp ban.

Feel free to enquire about your ban appeal via forums message.

TheChosenOne on Behalf of Lolnet Administrators.

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Re: Ban Appeal - Pandyandy

When i was mining/running/jumping around as you put it i was just getting on with the game i dont always look at the chat, and i didnt even a sign ? Anyway that said, i replied no in response to your questions as i felt they adiquetly expressed my desire to get on with the game and as far as i can remember it made sense. Anyway im sorry for calling you a motherfucker it wont happen again. And you can have the enchantment table back.
Please consider removing my ban.
Re: Ban Appeal - Pandyandy

Given that you are being remorseful and have apoligised, your Perm ban has now been shifted to 2 weeks and 3 Days tempban.

Thread Locked;Appeal Accepted
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