[Accepted] Application for UserAssistant - Steelwool199

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Why do you want to become a UserAssistant?
I like to help people on the server. I enjoy the game more when I'm involved in the chat aspect. And I saw the notice that more UAs are needed.

Why do you believe you should be a UserAssistant?
I'm a helpful guy! I like helping people. I'm somewhat informed on how Minecraft works.

What can you contribute to Lolnet as a UserAssistant?
A sense of a helpful community. Help to others alongside a wickedly sarcastic humour (PG of course, except in discord).

Previous Experience and Skills:
(Please note, experience is not necessary. Everyone has to start somewhere)
Have you setup or operated a Minecraft server before? I've been involved with minecraft since 2012. I've known and 'kinda' helped Eliteaccendo run some ftb and survival servers, so I know some aspects of servers. Usually though, if it's completely broken I'll whine at Elite until it's fixed.

Do you have experience in Administering or Moderating MC Servers or other games? Not really. I have experience moderating students in RL though.

What experience do you have with using plugins (Prism, CoreProtect, ReportRTS etc) as a moderating tool? None. But I like learning new things.

What skills (outside of Minecraft) could you provide lolnet? I'm a teacher by profession so I understand how to explain an issue in multiple different ways. How would these help the server? If someone is having difficulty understanding a problem (lolnet rules or MC mechanics) I can still try and help them.

Examples of Contribution to the Server:
What is an example of a time when you acted like a moderator? Conflict resolution, helped a newbie, community spirit, plus others. This morning I tried to help two users who were spamming chat. There are other examples but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

What is an example of a time you weren't so moderator like? Think I've been muted once by Famatrix for spamming? not sure.

About You: GMT +10 Brisbane. Typically online during the night and less frequently during school terms. I'm online quite a bit during the school holidays.

How would you like to improve lolnet? Become a UA! Help people. Maybe help Elite become a better Minecrafter (jokes, can't help that guy).

What can we do better to make using the server better? Most problems that I've noticed have either been fixed instantly or as soon as possible so maybe just continue as you're all going?

Do you own a microphone/headset? Yes. And have you used our Discord server before? Yes.

Is there anything else you would like to add? All hail our lord and saviour Dez!


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Re: Application for UserAssistant - Steelwool199

Approved, if you have any questions or want any advice feel free to contact me.
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