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Heyo! I’m Chris or eliteaccendo. It has been mentioned to me that applying for UA would be a good idea and that staff are needed and that I should write up and application. I haven’t been banned, warned or muted ever and I have no intention of that happening :)

So, to answer the questions asked:

Why do you want to become a UserAssistant?
First reason is that it is a stepping stone. I would like to rank up and this is the first step.

Secondly, it allows me to help more by "standing out" in the lolnet chat, meaning that people will look for a coloured title for help rather than just accepting what a user has to say. I have seen this a few times when offering help and being told, "your not [insert rank here]"

Why do you believe you should be a UserAssistant?
I have a lot of experience with many mods and tend to learn others pretty quickly. This experience allows me to have an answer quickly when people ask how a certain aspect of a mod works. Thus assisting the users :cool: I also enjoy it. Helping people learn is pretty fun for me.

What can you contribute to Lolnet as a UserAssistant?
Many hands make light work. The more UA's, the faster people get helped. So in saying that, I would help my adding an extra hand to the already existing network of help. It's not really a unique thing that I am adding, but more that I am taking some of the strain and stress off others. Which in turn, helps not only other players, but staff as well.

Previous Experience and Skills:
Since I became interested in minecraft back in mid-2012 (I started late lol) I took an extended interest in servers. I made my own vanilla server which I ran for some friends from my own house. This quickly exceed my upload speed and I moved it to Multiplay. Where i was introduced to Multicraft.

I then started watching Direwolf20 on youtube and started to look at modded minecraft. I downloaded a few packs and we converted the server to a modded pack. This didn't run too well as we only had 1GB of ram...Oops.

I have since made a server that run at my house for my kids, made my own packs, run many servers and helped others with the running of servers. I have used bukkit, spigot, forge and vanilla. I ran a public bukkit server called LlamaCraft for 12 months which we used a few protection mods (prism, protection stone, Orebfuscator)
I also know how to use many of the vanilla commands and command blocks too.

My other big skill is that I work in IT. I have manged medium scale networks that are spread all over my state. I have experience with VoIP, Cisco, Advanced routing and Hardware as well as a range of software. I have been in the IT game for around 12 years. I currently work for myself as a freelance consultant to home and small business users.

Examples of Contribution to the Server:
I am often in the chat, answering questions. I will put my hand up or give a quick answer if someone asks something I know about, I will also point out an issue to a mod that may be on voice chat with me, should the issue need more personalized care.

I have helped with testing features when the servers crashed and was happy to be a test dummy for solving issues (ie: when regrowth was the wrong version)

As for the other part of the question, I am guilty with being a bit short with those who are rude. There has been examples when someone has asked for help, given an answer and then been rude and I have been sarcastic in response. Not always ideal I know. But, who's perfect?

About You:
I live in Tasmania, so I am a few hours behind the NZ guys. this is good because I tend to be on later. I do have a family so I cant be on as much as I want, but I have spent a fair amount of time recently lol

Lolnet seems to run well. As of right now, I have no real suggestions, but if i do, i'll let someone know.

I have a headset and microphone and am pretty much always connected to discord. I have the app on my phone as well as my PC.

I hope that I have covered all topics in a way that helps you understand me a little better. I enjoy a good laugh but tried to write this as serious as possible because it is a serious matter. I would eventually like to join the Admin team or at least be able to help out with IT side of things and this is the first step of many.

Cheers, Chris


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