[Accepted]Acky3 IP ban appeal

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Hi lolnet owners

I honestly don't no why i got banned i did not bypass the ban The chosen one gave me

# I didn't get a ban on the Acky3 account because i logged on Last night and the chosen one sent me a message and i dint reply because i was in the Toilet and when i got back it said you where ban from the server

#I didnt bypass on a different account because i have a good account with lost of friends and a good house and Yeah!!!

would love to come back to come back to lolnet i have lots of friends on the server ect Elmoinc DosAltIshYor Krimzin and i only played on that server until i got banned i would LOVE to come back to the server :D

Thanks Jack Mitchell (Acky3)
Re: Acky3 IP ban appeal

Hi there Acky3,

Im not fully convinced with your appeal, because:

1)If you were in toilet, how did you know I was sending message. The chat history only displays last 30 lines, and I had stopped messaging you for full 5minutes, waiting for a reply, so there is no way you could have looked at my message unless you were on the screen, ignoring me.

2) You know exactly who you bypassed temp ban on, it may not have been you, but someone from your ip, however it is still your fault, because you are sharing/own the ip, so you are responsible for it.

If you are able to respond to me with a good reason without lies, within 48 hours, I may consider your ban appeal.



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Re: [UnderReview]Acky3 IP ban appeal

Ok well i went toilet but when i got i saw ur message but there was something amazing on the TV so i had to watch it that was like 5m but when i went to reply i coundnt see what u said so i just left it and came and had Dinner

And i have shared my ip from when me and my mate where trying to make a server that we didnt no how to make and on the night it happend he told me he did it

Sorry guys for my STUPID mate and ignoring you because i was watching something on tv

Cheers Jack Mitchell (Acky3)
Re: [UnderReview]Acky3 IP ban appeal

Acky3, I am not fully convinced that you were not bypassing temp ban because of the following reason:

1) IP cannot be shared, unless you meant he was at your house.

However, I would still like to give you a chance...so I will accept your ban appeal.

If you still cannot login, please go to google and type "my ip address" and copy the ip address and reply to me with it please.


User has been banned again for the following reasons:

-Accessing staff's account
-Impersonating staff
-Use of hacked client
-Bypassing ban on NZ_network
-Bypassing Jail
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