A Plugin for lols


Hi during the period that lolnet was down i made myself a Bukkit server for me and a few friends to test out plugins one i thought was quite cool was the MobDisguise plugin basically allows you to turn into/disguise yourself as any mob in the game, and anyone with a minecraft account but that can restricted due to the problems that could cause.

Any who i thought it would be a wacky addition to the server for players to fool around with.

Please take a look at this plugin and give me your thoughts on whether or not you would be able to add it to the server.



it would be useful for spying and greifing and not much more but i can see where you're coming from, while it may be fun its too easily abused and people could sneak into places they shouldn't but if its modifiable to stop that sort of thing then maybe it could work,

add a poll so we can see a community response aswell(if you want too)

We shall consult the almighty admins.