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Hey guys its Jax I know it is very late but I thought it might be time to share some stuff about me.

I first started playing minecraft in 2011 around the Rugby World Cup sorta time (WHICH WAS EPIC BTW!) I started playing after I went to a friends house and he showed me it. All I was interested in was villagers, so, being a noob, I went head and bought Minecraft Pocket Edition (0.1.0!) thinking that it would haave all the stuff from the computer version. I asked my friend how to get villagers in my world, he was a little nooby as well and said maybe build a small house out of wood and logs n stuff. I ended up building a mansion because I thought if the house was nicer a villager might want to move in XD. In 2012 I got Minecraft on my crappy IBM PC, which you can see in my setup post. It was cracked... I joined Lolnet in the same year, around 1.3 or 1.4 I think it was. I am pretty sure my name was jackson, jackson123, or JaxB-3107. I played with friends jgamenz, pickle, and doomshroom. Then I left for a while just coz I went off minecraft for a little. And because my launcher was stuck on 1.4. Last year my friend Doom_A_Nator_687 convinced me to come back on lolnet, at that stage having a slightly better computer, an HP Compaq NX7400 (check it out in my setup post!) Still really bad though. Now the present. I got a MacBook pro and a premium minecraft account and I can fully now woo.

Outside Minecraft:
Outside of minecraft I like to make short movies (There is a couple on my youtube channel) of my experiences while fishing and boating. I am a fisherman. I have won numerous trophies from fishing competitions all around New Zealand. Fishing is my main hobby but I also love other watersports, such as swimming, waterskiing, wakeboarding, snorkelling, surfing, anything that has something to do with water! Even just driving a boat around completely pointlessly ._. I have a dog called Buster and he is a Bichon x Shih Tzu (Don't say it wrong XD) He is 2 years old. I also have parents >:3 I have a sister who is 9 and she plays a little bit. She is calles Xxunicorngurl24X. I am 12 years old also >:3

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsUZz0 ... VsDE5ExCjQ
Setup Post: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=6272
Dog: http://imgur.com/g4ybZHv
Dog + Boat = Too Cute: http://imgur.com/h6mQft9
Me + Dog + Boat = Best: http://imgur.com/6CAGis0
My Love (Final Decision): http://imgur.com/5Y5UAGH
My Other Love (Bite Time): http://imgur.com/j70hHvG

P.S I also love driving Final Decision and Bite Time around in pointless circles like a 5 year old XD


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Hey :D You and my dad should go fishing sometimes :D Ty for showing me this amazing server :D! Don't be a stranger always willing to chat :D Nice intro :p