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  1. Igneel32

    Important Community Announcement

    First and foremost, thank you Dez and CptWin for running Lolnet. You both, and all the rest of the staff, have put so much energy into keeping this server alive and thriving, which is a gratitude I simply cannot express deeply enough. I'd also like to spotlight LX and James for thanks, as they...
  2. Igneel32

    New Kitchen Sink pack - Firmum Libra

    I'll still like you though if that's any consolation
  3. Igneel32

    April vote competition (involves awesome hats!)

    Hey Lolnet! During the month of April we’re going to be running another voting competition... for Lolnet hats! We’re giving away two (yes two!) hats this time around! All you have to do to be in to win this awesome swag is vote for Lolnet during the month of April starting from now on the two...
  4. Igneel32

    Dungeons and Dragons and Space Shuttles prep

    The Lolnet shop can be accessed through /lolshop as well as through /shop
  5. Igneel32

    New rank: Content Creator!

    Hey there Lolnetians! A shiny new rank has arrived at Lolnet... the Content Creator rank! We decided to create this rank so we can acknowledge all the time and energy content creators put into their work, and to show our gratitude towards them. The rank is something we have always wanted to do...
  6. Igneel32

    Guide to applying for Content Creator

    Thank you for considering to apply for the Content Creator rank! Please write your application according to the following template, and post it as a new thread under UserAssistant/Content Creator Applications. Staff will review your application, and respond to it as soon as they can...
  7. Igneel32

    Stepping down and working in background. -FaMatrix

    ;~; I'm so glad I got to play alongside you here, and I'll miss you very much! Send a few puns our way when you have a moment so we know you're alive. Good luck with life and all the things you want to do~
  8. Igneel32

    Christmas Voting Competition!

    Hey there everyone! Christmas time is coming around again, and we're going to be running a vote competition from today (20/11/2018) until the end of December! Each vote during this event counts as one entry into the draw for some fantastic goodies, which will be listed below. The first prize...
  9. Igneel32

    Is Stoneblock donator only?

    No worries :)
  10. Igneel32

    Is Stoneblock donator only?

    StoneBlock is open to the public. With regards to donators only early access, any donation rank will let you into the restricted servers.
  11. Igneel32


    The modpack has the spawning of Heatscar spiders disabled, so it is intentionally unobtainable by the modpack author.
  12. Igneel32

    Broken Spawner

    Advanced tool tips is F3+H
  13. Igneel32


    :D Welcome back Rev! We're looking forward to seeing you back ingame :)
  14. Igneel32

    Can't join Enigmatica 2

    Unfortunately the sheer lag Enigmatica is suffering from with only a few donators on at a time means that if Enigmatica were to be opened up fully, it would be practically unplayable.
  15. Igneel32

    Donation Drive 2018

    Yup the +1 home is for everyone across all servers! :)
  16. Igneel32

    Astral sorcery telescope broken?

    This is a known issue with the mod, and should hopefully be fixed in the next update.
  17. Igneel32

    Custom Pack - Blue Systems

    : DDDD CAT MEMES!!!!!!!!!! Nah bribe LX with coffee or Matrix with bananas, I'm not sure what bribes Pho takes : P
  18. Igneel32

    Custom Pack - Blue Systems

    You mentioned the Torchmaster mod a while ago. That mod caused us one helluva problem in Revelation *cough world block corruption cough* and would need to be disabled (or even removed) if the pack were to be hosted here. I have a sneaking suspicion that Lx, Elementz and the others don't feel too...
  19. Igneel32

    HI From Aus

    Hey there Pete, welcome to Lolnet! :)
  20. Igneel32

    Custom Pack - Blue Systems

    I like the look of this pack very much