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    I did a thing...and it does a thing...

    Hi... I have begun (by which I mean almost finished) buying all the parts for my new PC...I have live...with playing minecraft...on this: Compaq Presario C500 This...thing...manages to run minecraft at 0.5-15 fps...somehow... I also have a couple of other machines...
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    In the name of cooling!

    I did this yesterday, so that my old, clunking, useless, dying, probably already dead, massive, slow, noisy laptop (doesn't even deserve to be called a laptop) doesn't overheat/overload and shut down. All because of a single system scan xD ALL IN THE NAME OF COOLING!!!!
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    Planning to build

    Hi, so I was wondering...what should I have my budget as to build a PC... Heres the stuff that I want in it: - 6 monitors - At least 100GB RAM - A 5TB Harddrive - 4 500GB Harddrive (for multiple operating systems [Windows XP and 7 and Linux and Windows 10 when it comes out]) - AMD Opteron...
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    Some Useless Things

    Most Useless Video Uj_gMbRx0F8 Most Useless Machine Uox-t4OB6hE Most Useless Skills kKUfb5Y2nf4 Your Welcome, Elisha_Day xD
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    100 POSTS!!!!!!

    Hi I got a century of posts :D ...don't know what to say...
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    Cool Youtube Video

    So...I found this video...pretty cool...thought I should share it with you guys... :D cyFQwo-UesQ
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    Jokes and Useless Facts etc. :D

    Hi, So...I was bored... And now I made a topic for everyone to post random jokes, facts, useless stuff etc. Have fun :D I'll start us off: Useless Fact Every time you lick a stamp, you consume 1/10 of a calorie. P.S: If your posting a joke: put the joke down, and then make a 'spoiler'...
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    Random Post about le Minecraft

    So...I was looking up the system requirements for minecraft because I was bored... And...this is what I found on their website: For more information on what minecraft will and won't run on, visit: Thanks...
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    [Closed]Ban Check...

    Have i been banned or is the server just down or something... thx, Elisha_Day
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    Leaving...For a Bit...

    Hey everyone it's Elisha_Day here, I'm not really sure if this affects anyone, but I won't be on the server for a little while. 4-5 months at the most. I may come and say hello for 5 minutes or so every now and then. I'll keep active on the forums but not very much on the actual server. If any...
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    PVP Arena!!

    Hey guys, If anyone wants to help build a PVP arena, reply to this post please. I'm thinking of something looking like this:
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    Need Quartz

    If anyone has quartz blocks, slabs or stairs that you dont want anymore. I will buy them off you with diamonds. I really want to finish my house :P Thanks, Elisha_Day
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    its Elisha_Day

    Umm...hey everyone, its Elisha_Day. Ohh, ummm...introduction... 14 year old guy, i live in wellington, NZ. Go to St Bernards College, Lower Hutt. Year 10, or Form 4, if you prefer that. Im part Pakistani(Mums side). Dads side: british, scottish, irish, welsh. Also, my mum thinks im...