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  1. mikhaila666

    Another Very Important Announcement

    Nice to see this happening.
  2. mikhaila666

    New modpack: 'Roguelike adventures and dungeons'

    More fleshed out is a nebulous concept, so different people have different expectations. I looked at the pack and it seems to be heavily focused on exploration. It's magic and no tech, which is fine for an adventure pack. As is not putting in all the popular mods. Popular mods are often powerful...
  3. mikhaila666

    Help- I died while going into the beneath dimension

    Yeah, that was bad, and still don't know what happened, just one minute we had a quirky reactor and the next there was a big hole where we used to have a few hundred machines :) Two weeks later I managed to blow up all 12 of my reactors at once on skyblock. Shit happens. I've never blown up...
  4. mikhaila666

    Help- I died while going into the beneath dimension

    It's something that happens from time to time, and a risk we all take. The rule holds for everyone, including Dez. You get back to work and make more stuff.
  5. mikhaila666

    Sky lands pack concept

    Based on one of your pictures, one thing I'd suggest turning off is the damn AE meteors. Because of the way they spawn, many of the islands will get hit with them, ruining the landscape. Instead, put in recipes for the ingredients needed to make them. No reason to destroy so much landscape for...
  6. mikhaila666

    Sky lands pack concept

    I got accused by a few people of "sucking all the fun out of packs". (Ironic, since Dez and I were putting in hundreds of hours to make the packs, and sucking the fun out our lives in the process. Kudos for working on packs, i know how hard that is. ) Generally I try to find all the loopholes...
  7. mikhaila666

    Sky lands pack concept

    That would work. Get to the nether by jumping, get back by /home, with possibly a cool-down or warm-up or both. No need for nether portals at that point.
  8. mikhaila666

    Sky lands pack concept

    Sounds like a neat concept. -Vanilla nether portal mechanics might be a pain. You will want each person's starting point to be far enough away from each other that the portals don't link, or code something so they don't. Never fun to come back from the nether in someone else's base and be...
  9. mikhaila666

    Custom Pack - Blue Systems

    Looks interesting. I don't play much minecraft anymore because I like harder packs and building in adverse conditions with challenges.
  10. mikhaila666

    Shut down of several servers

    Be warned, the HQM on infinity evolved skyblock is just a series of "how to get started quests" with no rewards. It's not like the packs that toss you tons of free stuff.
  11. mikhaila666

    [Server Reopening] Infinity Skyblock Evolved

    Of note: -You will start with a Questbook now, but the quests are just "how to do things" with no rewards. Useful, but not a disaster if you lose it. -While the islands are reset, the server might still think you have one if you played before. Just use "restart island". This clears inventory...
  12. mikhaila666

    Life On Lolnet ~ By Pebbles

    Might be even earlier than that. I sort of retired in 2016 after several years and don't recall the song or Pebbles :) So at least earlier than 2014 for it.
  13. mikhaila666

    [SF3] Mob ClearLag?

    In general, mobs generate more lag crammed in pens due to the game calculating interactions as they push each other around. There is a suggested amount of chickens you can have, but not having played SF3, I don't recall. It was put in specifically because of people abusing the hell out of...
  14. mikhaila666

    Apologies to Igneel......

    I called you a MONSTER for summoning the nature guardian. I'd mistakenly thought you had sacraficed a baby villager at midnight, but that is for the life guardian. You are MONSTER for killing poor friendly Dryads and summoning the nature guardian. You're still an evil horrible black mage...
  15. mikhaila666

    Minecraft Community Survey

    Ok, not nearly that long. Like 4 minutes to complete.
  16. mikhaila666

    Minecraft Community Survey

    Some feedback: A 30 minute survey is more than most people will commit to. You've cut your sample size down hugely, and possible skewed it a bit. You may want to cut this down to at the very least 10 minutes or less. A couple of helpful benefits from this. First, a lot more responses, and when...
  17. mikhaila666

    Our first throw-back modpack is... Magiculture!

    Hit a snag just now with Ars Magica. The first thing you do to start AM2 is get the guidebook. This gives you a message. Next up is looking in an Occulus, and putting your first 3 points in spells. I got the book while opped, testing to make sure it worked, ass that's an old bug. But I think...
  18. mikhaila666

    Our first throw-back modpack is... Magiculture!

    Huzzah! Time to Magik some crap up!
  19. mikhaila666

    Shut down of several servers

    I would be interested in either hard mode versions of infinity, but looking forward more to the throwback pack. Installing Tolkiencraft3 and colonial expansion to check those out.
  20. mikhaila666

    Modern Skyblock 2

    What are the differences from the other packs, other than ex nihilo?