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  1. Reverse_Cocoa

    What pack are we continuing to host

    I am so keen for builders paradise. I would love to play Interactions but I'm not even sure I can currently run it. </3
  2. Reverse_Cocoa

    Another Very Important Announcement

    Well this is fucking exciting news jesus I don't know how much more of this my wasted little heart can take. Good on you for taking up the helm! I'm interested to see how your different management style goes I'd love to help out in any way I can. I'm thinking about downloading E2:E just to hang...
  3. Reverse_Cocoa

    Important Community Announcement

    I'm devastated. Magic Farm 2 was my first experience of playing modded minecraft letalone multiplayer. I still have such fond memories of running a small village of random noobs who I'd recruit to get more chunks of grief protection, trying to wrangle kids together and putting out fires. This...
  4. Reverse_Cocoa

    Server Removal - Stoneblock 1

    rip in peace sweet server <3
  5. Reverse_Cocoa

    Stone block 2

    THAUMCRAFT?! Oh lord. I'm gonna play it. Is it relatively stable? / full release?
  6. Reverse_Cocoa

    Stepping down and working in background. -FaMatrix

    Aww good on you mate. Yeah I'm still around I don't have as much time as I used to but I've got a long term plan to get wealthy so I can retire as early as possible and play minecraft every day all day lmao. Yeah we had some good times bro, I often miss those days. Glad to read you've been...
  7. Reverse_Cocoa

    Sky lands pack concept

    Would love to try embers, that mod looks so beautiful.
  8. Reverse_Cocoa

    I Want You! - Ideas for what you want

    I'd like offline chunkloaders. Perhaps ones that I have to manually turn on for like 20 hours by logging in and pressing a button? So that way inactive users don't use too much space up? I'll add more as I think of it.
  9. Reverse_Cocoa

    Is ender dragon disabled for woot factories in stoneblock?

    Ah ok thanks. I'll try something else then.
  10. Reverse_Cocoa

    Is ender dragon disabled for woot factories in stoneblock?

    Can't seem to get the woot ender shard to configure to ender dragons.
  11. Reverse_Cocoa

    Is Stoneblock donator only?

    Thanks Igneel!
  12. Reverse_Cocoa

    Is Stoneblock donator only?

    And if so how much would someone have to donate to get access? Asking for a friend.
  13. Reverse_Cocoa

    Connection timed out, no further info

    Thanks LX and Pho. o7
  14. Reverse_Cocoa

    Connection timed out, no further info

    Ah cheers Dez. Last night like 7pm I was traveling sevtech overworld when I got kicked and told 'server still restarting' whenever I tried to get back in. This struck me as odd because there was no countdown warnings. A couple hours later I still couldn't get in so I made a modreq assuming I've...
  15. Reverse_Cocoa

    Connection timed out, no further info

    Hi, I can't hop in to the lobby or direct connect to Sevtech right now. I get this error;$annotatedconnectexception: Connection timed out: no further information: What does it mean? Is there anything I can do from my side? I'm just gonna relaunch and probs if I...
  16. Reverse_Cocoa

    NotTheBees 2.0 Update - PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE PLAYED

    Haven't even played NTB. Keen as a bean for NTB2.0!
  17. Reverse_Cocoa

    New modpack suggestion: "Not The Bees"

    I actually played it a few months ago, I suggested it here a long time ago and when I got my laptop recently working I thought I'd give it a try. I found it really fun and satisfying aside from the fact that it was single player so missed that community feel that I've come to love through...
  18. Reverse_Cocoa

    New modpack suggestion: "Not The Bees"

    I'd play this. I requested Bee Happy long ago, and this sounds similar enough to that. I love bees. Bees for days.
  19. Reverse_Cocoa


    Yeah lol I think it's actually gonna be a few months before I log in. I got a laptop with an 8 gb maximum so I might be boned. Tryna tinker with java now.. Cheers Igneel32 and PhoReaper [:
  20. Reverse_Cocoa


    It me! I'm back, took a long break from minecraft and got my life together (as tends to happen) and now I wanna get back online! I'm trying to get my shit working right now (on the same crappy laptop as I was playing last time I was here ~ mc 1.8?) so yeah when I figure it out.. / save up for...