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  1. Krimzin

    SkyBlockPlus Update

    After opening the Minecraft Launcher, you can click on "Launch Options" then "Add New". Below there is a field for the version. Configure your desired settings and save. You can then choose the profile you created by clicking on the button that is to the right of "PLAY". In regards to updating...
  2. Krimzin

    Cant connect to infinity evolved normal

    Infinity froze during its previous startup. It is now back online. May I also mention that we have a Discord server. If you too have Discord, it is much quicker to contact us there if you have a problem. Here's an invitation to our Discord server:
  3. Krimzin

    Resetting The End on Survival [Friday, January 13, 2017]

    So yep, be prepared. The main reason behind this is for the fair and better availability of Shulker Boxes - a new container block added to the game in 1.11 that to be crafted requires Shulker Shells, an item dropped only by Shulkers, found in The End. I'll also take this opportunity to mention...
  4. Krimzin

    Skyblocks stuffs

    I've added a repeatable bonus challenge to Skyblock+. Sorry for the very long wait.
  5. Krimzin

    TGC malfunction

    Re: TGC malfunction [Explained] Hey ponge, James intends to create a better plugin for silencing incoming chat from other servers and individual players on the network, which will eventually replace TGC - unfortunately, I don't have any ETA for when this will become available. Sorry for the...
  6. Krimzin

    Restrictions on Fly & God in The End have been lifted

    So, yeah. Just wanted to let you know.
  7. Krimzin

    [Evo SB]loading problem

    You should be able to login now; I've moved you to spawn.
  8. Krimzin

    [Denied] Ban Appeal

    Re: Ban Appeal We've explained to you what you did wrong and have awaited for a response; you haven't replied, so we're locking the topic. With approximately 2 days left, your punishment will resume. Appeal denied; topic locked.
  9. Krimzin

    [Denied] Ban Appeal

    Re: Ban Appeal These logs pertain to the beacon and beacon base (consisting of iron and gold blocks) that were removed: Other materials had also been removed (those including: netherwart, wheat, and fence posts, only to name a few); but, I felt these were the best examples. So, if you could...
  10. Krimzin

    [Accepted] Punishment Appeal - iPlankZ

    Re: Punishment Appeal - iPlankZ I've reduced your punishment to a 24 hour temporary mute.
  11. Krimzin

    [Accepted] unban

    Re: unban We will happily lift the ban as this seems to just be an unfortunate misunderstanding between friends. All I ask is for you three to elect a property manager to create a claim, this would eliminate any similar misunderstandings in the future.
  12. Krimzin

    Server mods?

    "/fly" and "/top" are commands from Essentials, a Bukkit plugin. You can see for more plugins. Quite a few we use ourselves, if not custom made.
  13. Krimzin

    [Closed] Unable to access my account

    Re: Unable to access my account Since you've provided us with sufficient detailed evidence, I'm happy to transfer existing claims from The_FarQ_Blade to aifquier. Just contact me in-game and we can begin. :)
  14. Krimzin

    Departed server shop addition?

    Hey, Jungle biomes do exist, I've come across a couple in my time on the Departed server. Just takes a bit of searching. If you really need to find one desperately, I can show you where it is. :P
  15. Krimzin

    FTB Horizons Daybreaker Banned & Restricted Items

    FTB Horizons Daybreaker [Version: 1.0.2] Banned & Restricted Items These items are banned or restricted because they cause significant damage to the server, the server's economy, bypass property protection, are harmful to players, or they are just far too broken for functional use. Changes may...
  16. Krimzin

    [Denied] [Ban Appeal] Hyperlion

    Re: [Ban Appeal] Hyperlion Hyperlion, I personally witnessed you duplicate Shiny Ingots through exploitation, and soon after, I confiscated the very item that allowed you to do it. Also, I find it strange that you mention ores and ingots, as no one said anything about specifically duplicating...
  17. Krimzin

    [Accepted] Good Evening Fellow Ladies and Gentlemen

    Granted 1 Final chance, Appeal Accepted.
  18. Krimzin

    [Denied] Yoooooooooo Suppppppp

    Re: Yoooooooooo Suppppppp invisibleman13 It seems you haven't learnt your lesson nor do you sound at all sincere. You have had in total: 3 Previous bans, 2 Warnings and in the past have been muted for similar behaviour, These warnings were clear and understandable but you chose to carry on...
  19. Krimzin

    [Closed]Spamming Login Bots - Wurst

    Re: Spamming Login Bots - Wurst The IP Address has now been banned after continuously spamming bots. Zero tolerance. Thank you for reporting this issue.
  20. Krimzin

    [Appeal Accepted] Hi guys

    Re: Hi guys _DR_DRE Since it seems you now have a better understanding of your offense a decision has been made to give you one final chance, However any further offenses and we will not be as tolerant (Further Offenses will likely result in a permanent Ban). Take care in what you say...