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    Decorating competition

    Im thinking of Hosting a Decorating Competition on my boat. It has 4 decks plus a captains quarters. 5 if you include the top deck. At the moment im planning on using only the 4 lower decks to make it a bit more even on the competitors. I shall gather a bunch of resources and put them evenly in...
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    Ranked Teams Player Scouting

    Oh just to add, even though i dont have a microphone, i do use my Pings ALOT :P
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    Ranked Teams Player Scouting

    hey i've just noticed this post IGN: Datudyr (dont hate :P) I main the Jungle and adc but i can go to the other places if needed. I recently got skype, but i don't have a microphone yet :( I cold also download mumble if needed :)