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    Another Very Important Announcement

    I am so glad that you all have decided to move forward with this. i am behind you all and want to thank you for all the effort you have put into this. I look forward to spending time on this new beginning and contributing the best that i can
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    Important Community Announcement

    Sorry for such a late reply, life has been hectic these past few months, I am truly sad to see Lolnet go it was always a constant to come back to when i was sick of all the games i had been playing and i wanted a place to chill and just play for the fun of it. I want to thank everyone that...
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    New modpack suggestion: "Not The Bees"

    Well come play some Foolcraft 3 and get your fix on the Thaum and Botania =)
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    Custom Pack - Blue Systems

    I'm not sure if you have resolved this yet but I'm not sure the tradeoff would be worth it to be honest. While it might add a few new things to the modpack but you would be limiting yourself as 2 mods out of the roughly 220 would cut your reach down significantly. It is totally up to you but i...
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    Wizardry Blue Systems

    Have thrown a book into a mana pool in the world for the wizardry mod there are particle effects but does not change into the Spellforger's Codex. Am i doing something wrong or is there some kind of gating mechanism?
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    BlueSystems Wandering Merchants

    Can't seem to trade with the wandering merchants on the Blue Systems server, is this something i have to change or some other way to trade with them bar the normal villager trade way? Seems to work in SP fine
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    FTB Revelation - Server Issue Information

    Stuff like this happens whether we want it to or not, thanks for all the effort you made though and look forward to a fresh start