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    lolnet team

    In reply to monkey_oranges, we have a ranked team on LoL, and we would like to play some scrims against the Lolnet team, once it's been created of course. It'd be good for practicing communication with team mates in game.
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    Started Playing Recently

    Been playing a lot recently and if you want to party up my username is Ikasnu. Mostly play fighters, can't play ranged champions.
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    Just doing a quick little poll to make myself feel better. Now I'm sure that there are a lot of cracked users on the server (including myself), and I also know that are a lot of premium users on the server (not including myself ;) ) My question is, what is the ratio? Just post cracked or...
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    Trade Center - Community Build

    This needs to be called, 'The Black Market'. Also, if we have to buy cubes, how much will they be priced at? And will we have to make our own [Trade] signs? Because those are a pain in the pooper.
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    Dynamic map

    Never. It was causing too much lag on the server.
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    HELP | Trapped in Nether | HELP

    Thanks, 0zlw! You're the best! ;)
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    HELP | Trapped in Nether | HELP

    I'm trapped in the nether and I cannot get out. Maybe I should explain. I made a nether portal and traveled through, hoping to check out the nether. The game disconnected me and said 'java: internal socket error' or whatever that error says. Anyway, I logged back onto the server and found...
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    Lolnet Build Off!

    PHOENIX_4pp and monkey_oranges would like to join. (at least, I hope monkey wants to join) Team Name: The Janitors
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    Beacon Blocks

    Will we be getting beacon blocks at the (what I assume to be) new store once the old world is deleted?
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    New arena

    Sounds good. Give it a theme or something to make it unique! Hopefully you can do it as I'm hoping for more activity in competitions and such.
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    Changing My Username

    Ok. Thank you, 0zlw!
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    Changing My Username

    Currently I am playing on the server with an account made on, but I am using a cracked launcher. I plan on buying a premium account on within a few weeks, but with a different username to match my youtube channel. My question is, if I change to my new account, can I...
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    ATTN: Banned and Butthurt

    If you feel you that you were banned unfairly or your punishment was too harsh, take it to the Ban Appeal area. Stop writing "Herpa Derpa, 0zlw derpy derpy." It's annoying, and it clogs up what little activity there is on the forums. And I cling to that.
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    Rampilow and SupDoxx's Hunger Games!!

    If there are still places available, could I join?
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    1.4 and Music Discs

    Will the server be updated to 1.4 immediately or will it be a couple of days to test everything? Also, is there any news on music discs coming to BuyMore?
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    what the...

    Crap. I thought I'd miss another orgy.
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    Team Fortress 2 on Lolnet

    Some of you might be aware that a lot of Youtubers have been playing Team Fortress 2 on Minecraft (sort of) snapshots for 1.4. I was wondering if this could be added to Lolnet when the update comes out, using it for competitions and stuff. If you haven't seen it...
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    The Nether

    That's great.
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    I'd say it's what it usually is, 30. I might be wrong with the enchantment levels for bows, but I'm pretty sure it's 30.