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    Texture Packs

    What texture packs (if any) do people use? At the moment I use BDCraft but looking at changing things up. Would be nice to see what are the most popular packs people use here, what people's builds look like in their own packs, and what my builds look like in other people's packs.
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    Starting together in Survival9?

    Anyone interested in starting together in Survival9 when it comes out next week? I had a couple people building around me in normal survival and would like to do it again when I restart here. I'm an active player and like to think I'm a pretty good builder, plus always happy to help out when I can.
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    Hello, new player here.

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd sign up here and introduce myself. My username is Kasiar, I recognise a few names on the forum here already. I'm a fairly new player to minecraft, I just started about a week ago, but have picked it up very quick. I mostly play in Survival and have built myself up a...