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    Lolnets Future and how you can help

    I hope we get lots of people with ranks :)
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    Horse Racing Event

    Hey, Sorry guys i will have to postpone the event to Sunday 2pm NZT. I have to postpone because im not here tomorrow at 2pm. thanks: _Piggy
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    Making A Event

    Hey All, I would like to make a Horse Racing event. But I would like to do it on Events Server. It will be pretty hard on Survival and my Creative Plot is too small. If you don't mind could i please build my Event on Events Server. I hope you will enjoy my event I really want to try my best to...
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    The Build Off Returns!

    Hi, Guys I'm Doing It With Lordoevil119 20 Mins Is Ok But Its A Bit Tough :P We Are Very Excited For It Thank You